According to, the crime rate in Manchester is increasing with time. In fact, 2022/23 was the years with the highest crime rate ever compared to previous records with 128.9 crimes per 1000 population. Manchester has a diverse culture with its own history of ups and downs. Manchester has always been in the top spots when talking about crime and has been at the top since the 1990s.

Manchester is the 2nd largest city in population with 2.822 million people living in the city. The first one is still London with a population of 8.908 million in 2019. There is a significant growth of almost 20% in Manchester’s population since 2010.

In this article, we are going to share the top 12 high crime rate areas in Manchester and will also share insights into which types of crimes are being carried out in those areas and how this can be a threat to your business, house, or community. Moreover, after reading this article, we will get to know “Is Manchester safe or not?“. So, buckle up and let’s dive into the real knowledge to get some stats.

1- Moss Side Manchester

Moss Side, Manchester: urban scene with row houses, cloudy sky; reflects ambiance of potentially dangerous area.

Moss Side is at the top of the list when talking about the crime rates and illegal activities in Manchester. It is located in the south of Manchester and has always been the spot of gang fights, drug-related activities, theft, and many other illegal activities.

Moss Side local authorities and police have been facing these problems for decades and are now implementing many new policies to improve the living standard and safety within the area by eliminating Mancwhester’s gangsters.

2- Salford

Photo depicting a gritty urban scene in Salford, showing row houses and a cloudy sky, reflecting a potentially dangerous area.


Many people ask the question “Is Salford in Manchester?“. Salford is the neighboring Manchester city and has been facing illegal issues for a long time. The people of Salford are always very kind and cooperate with the authorities to implement the laws every time.

Salford criminal activities include burglary, theft, vandalism, and other antisocial activities. The local authorities, with the help of people, are taking control of such illegal activities and the city is transforming into a safe and secure area.

3- Cheetham Hill

Cheetham Hill urban landscape with dense buildings and overcast sky, evoking a sense of danger and caution in the area.

Cheetham Hill is one of the top spots for anti-social activities and drug-related crimes. It is located in the north of Manchester city center and is always open to illegal activities with a huge number.

According to a news article shared on the web in 2023 by Greater Manchester Police, there was a huge decline in the criminal graph by 50% in Cheetham Hill which also caused a decrease in Manchester’s crime rate.

4- Oldham

Oldham is considered one of the top 10 worst places to live in the UK. Oldam’s crime rate is 126.1 per 1000 population.

Theft, public offenses, and violent crimes are the emerging challenging issues of Oldham which the local authorities and police are trying to control.

5- Longsight

Longsight, Manchester, UK: Urban landscape with colorful row houses, bustling streets, and pedestrians on a sunny day.

Longsight Manchester’s crime rate is increasing with time and has a huge history when talking about gang wars and anti-social behaviors like theft, vandalism, etc.

The local authorities, police, and the local government are trying hard to overcome these challenges as soon as possible.

6- Harpurhey


Harpurhey was once the top spot for drug dealers and gangs but now, the local authorities and government have achieved a huge success by eliminating the drug dealers and gangs included in the criminal activities with lodged cases on them.

7- Ancoats

Top 12 Most Dangerous Areas in Manchester: Image showing urban streets and buildings in Ancoats, Manchester, UK.


Ancoats were also once a top spot for criminal activities but now the city has completely transformed. Many new offices, buildings, and restaurants have been opened in the area which helped in improving the living standards, safety, and security. Ancoats is also known as “Mini Italy” by the locals due to its beauty and charm.


8- Wythenshawe


Wythenshawe is considered one of the top and largest cities when talking about housing estate and businesses love to invest.

Due to the large investments and societies, the crime rate is gradually decreasing but still, the locals have the problem of anti-social crimes including theft and vandalism.

9- Beswick


There was a total of 125 crimes reported in Beswick in March 2024 including theft, vandalism, anti-social crimes, roadside crimes, etc. Local authorities and police are trying hard to control the increasing crime in the city and have asked locals to cooperate to their fullest.

10- Blackley

Top 12 Most Dangerous Areas in Manchester: Insights into Blackley and Its Safety Measures.


Blackley always saves a top spot in criminal records and has a rich history of anti-social crimes and illegal activities. The city is developing gradually, which is helping local authorities and government to control the criminal factors.

Also, they are making some new policies for the city to improve the security and living standards of the area.

11- Bolton

Image of Bolton, Greater Manchester, UK: Urban landscape with buildings, streets, and people in a bustling city setting.

Olton is a surrounding area of Manchester like Salford with a rich criminal history. The crime rate in Bolton is 127.03 according to 2022 stats, which is quite high compared to the other areas.

The government and local authorities are trying hard to control the high criminal situation.

12- Rochdale

Rochdale is an old town in Greater Manchester with a crime rate of 130.80 according to 2022 stats. This area is always a top spot for gang wars, criminals, anti-social behaviors, drug dealers, etc.

Rochdale is also one of the worst places to live in the UK due to high criminal and illegal activities.

So, these were the top 12 areas with high crime rates in Manchester. Now the decision is yours, whether these areas are good to live in or not.

Steps and Tips to Improve Security Measures

Here are some of the practical steps and tips to improve the living standards and security measures within the area:

Stay Informed

  • Try to read the news daily.
  • Check out the local authorities or police websites to get information.
  • Talk to the locals and neighbors to stay updated all the time.

Travel Safely

  •  Do not take shortcuts and always use busy routes.
  • Try not to walk alone in such areas at night.
  • Use well-maintained and monitored local transportation services.

Personal Safety

  • Keep a close eye on everything.
  • Make sure to analyze the behavior of the people while walking.
  • Don’t use a mobile phone while walking.
  • Don’t use headphones because they will divert your attention.

Community Engagement

  • Always keep a good relationship with your community members.
  • Always try to help others in difficult situations.
  • Attend community programs.

So, these are some of the tips and steps you can take to enhance the security measures. Undoubtedly, Manchester is going through hard times, but it is the people who make a place safe and secure. Always collaborate and cooperate with the local authorities and police by providing as much information as you can. One day, the city of Manchester which is referred to crimes will become the city of peace, hope, and light.

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