Locking and Unlocking Service

We know it is very frustrating when your key holder or the employee with keys is on an unexpected vacation or absent and now your team is outside the office waiting for someone to open it. Nobusiness owner wants to face this kind of situation ever. This is where the Guard Mark Security locking and unlocking service comes in to rescue you. We ensure that our professionals are always there to open and lock your establishment on time so there is no chance of missing out on something.
Guard Mark Security always secures the pair of your keys in a safe and secure room. Our locking and unlocking security guards are available 24/7 and are able to open or lock your site anytime whether it’s day or night. All of our security packages are customised according to business needs and requirements.

Guarantee Access with Our Locks and Unlocks Service

Gurad Mark Security knows that locking and unlocking the business establishment on time is of utmost importance. Most of the time businesses distribute their keys to different employees for the sake of opening and closing the doors of establishment but it is very dangerous in some cases. That’s why all of our security plans are designed in a way that fulfils all of your requirements without any problem.

Our complete locking and unlocking service is tailored to your particular needs and includes covering the absence of key holders, alarm management as well as securing entrances and providing access to staff after-hours. Utilise our services to keep your property secure and available throughout the day.

Locking & Unlocking Service

We’ll Lock and Unlock Your Business for You

Our locking and unlocking guards will unlock the door before the arrival of your employees and will lock it once everyone leaves. Moreover, we wait for the late working employees and the cleaners to do their work. We make sure nobody is in the establishment and check all the doors, windows, water taps, etc. Additionally, we take care of all the lights and energy sources to be turned off in the non-operational hours. Once everything is fine, we lock the doors and secure the business property in the best manner.

24/7/365 Service Available
Our locking and unlocking services are available 24/7/365 days a year to ensure the smooth running of your business all the time. All of our security plans are completely flexible and make sure everything works according to your business needs. With our complete and comprehensive security plans, we can also take care of turning on the lights, heating systems and moving out the bins so that all of your employees know the place is ready right after their arrival at work.

Guard Mark Security also provides emergency access support. Sometimes it happens that you need the emergency entrance to your office or premises. In this kind of situation, our highly trained staff will quickly arrive at your place of business and ensure that you have access to your property in a matter of minutes. You can count on us to manage emergency situations quickly and efficiently.

Secure Key Storage
We know that the security of the keys is important for businesses and can cause harm to the business if goes into the wrong hands. All our vehicles have securely fitted storage units and the officers are well trained to keep the keys secure. Once the task is completed, we secure the keys in the safe storage in our establishment.

Enhanced Security Measures
Don’t want every employee to access some specific areas of business? Don’t worry! We will take care of it and will only allow some specific and trained persons to enter. It eliminates the risk of employees leaving their keys and ensures that only authorised individuals are allowed. With the Guard Mark Security, you are always in control of securing your business from any potential dangers.

Locking and Unlocking Service

Do not let lockouts that are unexpected, or security flaws cause disruption to your business. Select the Guard Mark Security’s Locking and Unlocking Services and enjoy the benefits of easy access, increased security, as well as the peace of mind you can have knowing that your business is safe.