Bar Security Guards

Bars are the places where people drink alcohol a lot and can do anything unconsciously. So, it is very important to have the right people at the right time present in your bar for the sake of safety and security of your patrons. Bar owners struggle to find the bar security guards and door supervisors according to the rules and regulations of the UK. If you are also one of them, don’t worry! Because Guard Mark Security is here to rescue you.

Explore an unparallelled security experience with Guard Mark Security, your ultimate partner in providing a secure as well as enjoyable time for you and your guests. Our licensed team of door supervisors is waiting to strengthen your establishment and allow you to concentrate on creating memorable experiences with your patrons. Prepare to elevate your bar’s security to new levels with Guard Mark Security.

The role of a bar security guard

Door Supervision is one of the most important and crucial roles at the bar. The door supervisors check the IDs of young people carefully and don’t allow the people under 18. This prevents underage customers from entering the bar. All of our security guards at Guard Mark are highly trained and have a wealth of knowledge related to the terms and conditions of the UK’s government.

SIA licenced door supervisor of Guard Mark Monitoring the entrance to ensure the bar's security.

Moreover, it is an essential duty of the security guard to keep a close eye on everyone and take actions promptly and quickly to eliminate any kind of threat or risk. Our security guards undergo intense training in managing crowds and resolving conflicts to ensure the order of your bar and security. Our security guards are excellent brand ambassadors, making sure that your brand’s image is portrayed most professionally and elegantly.

Essential skills for security professionals working at bars

Today, there are high expectations from customers, and we are always ready to surpass all of them. As you know, highly trained and efficient security guards are always on the front line against any threat and give the first impression of a safe and secure place. We are here to guard your business from threats and keep your business in order.

Physical presence and behaviour

Having a physical and visual presence of the security guard is very important for the bars. It gives a direct message to all the unwanted guests and troublemakers not to try anything that can harm our customers, establishment or staff. The physical presence of the bar security guards also gives a sense of safety and protection to all the people enjoying the bar. At Guard Mark Security, all our guards are well trained and know how to showcase their presence so that it can fulfil the purpose of hiring them.

Communication and conflict resolution

At Guard Mark Security, we gave proper communication training to our guards and staff for the sake of conflict management and resolution. Most of the time it happens that drunk patrons unconsciously do the things that cause trouble and conflicts among the other people. At the time, it was an important role and duty of the security guard to communicate properly and then settle the things for the sake of conflict resolution and Guard Mark Security Guards excels in it.

Knowledge of legal requirements and liability

Following the rules and regulations in the bars is very important according to the UK’s law and violation of these laws can result in heavy fines or even the closure of the business. At Guard Mark Security, our guards are highly qualified and know all the legal requirements that a bar owner has to fulfil for the smooth running of their business. Our bar security guards also work closely with the staff to implement the rules and regulations as per directions.
Moreover, we use the most advanced security technology such as surveillance systems and access control solutions to ensure the highest degree of security for your bar and the patrons it serves.

Training and certification for bar security professionals

With an established local presence, we focus on creating lasting relationships with our customers. If you need our assistance in just one city or town or even across Yorkshire and North West, our knowledgeable and committed management team will give you continuous support throughout the process.
All of our security guards and door supervisors are SIA approved and have the licences that ensures their capabilities and expertise. Also, all of our staff have successfully passed the rigorous vetting and screening check aligned with the standards of BS7858.

SIA licensed door supervisor teams from Guard Mark perform duties, standing outside near the bar area.

Our helpful and friendly security guards not only offer security but also improve the overall experience of your patrons. Contact us now to discuss your particular security requirements and find out the ways Guard Mark Security can help to improve the security of your bar. Together, we can make sure that we create a safe and pleasant environment for everyone.