Keyholding and Alarm Response Services

The importance of protecting your business is clear in the ever-changing world of security threats. Guard Mark Security is a company that provides unparallelled keyholding and alarm response services that can be tailored to meet your needs and requirements. Our services while providing the alarm response services mainly include the intruder alarm and fire alarm response. Our expert team is committed to offering extensive and customised solutions that always ensure the security and safety of your property.

We know the frustration when you have something urgent to do at your business place but the person holding the keys goes on an unplanned vacation or starts ignoring your calls and messages. Imagine the employee holding the keys taking a sick leave and now all of your business operations are stuck because you can’t access your establishment. This is where the Guard Mark Security keyholding professional comes in.

We hold a replica of your business keys and make sure of our presence 24/7 to respond to any kind of situation whether it is some emergency or not. Guard Mark Security takes care of all your problems from keyholding services to alarm response services and provides extraordinary security solutions for the sake of the safety and security of your business. Your peace of mind is our first priority that’s why we can lock and unlock your business premises occasionally to provide the special access to your contractors or the employees. Guard Mark Security is offering its services in West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and North West.

Keyholding and Alarm Response Works

It is imperative to respond immediately in the event of an alarm activation whether it’s a fire alarm or intruder alarm. Our standby emergency team is always ready to deal with any emergency and urgent situation 24 hours a day. Our specially trained control room support staff members constantly monitors the situation and are always in contact with our response personnel to take swift and efficient action.
Moreover, when it comes to keyholding services, we quickly respond to the customer’s call and provide the keys as soon as possible to grant access to their staff members. Keys for your business establishment are always kept in safe storage units in our vehicles and office premises with restricted access.

Our Mobile Patrol Security Guard is ready to go in response to alarm activation.

GPS Tracked and Monitored Response Vehicles

All of our response vehicles are GPS-tracked by our control room operatives which ensure the rapid response and the safety of our security team. Additionally, all of our staff members are well trained and are well aware of all the routes which ultimately helps to select the shortest route to reduce the response team. Moreover, our team uses advanced GPS systems to get real-time traffic updates and then choose the route accordingly. With the latest GPS tracking devices, our fleet is guaranteed to provide rapid and prompt responses in no time.

Two Keyholding, Alarm Response Security Guards, Guard Mark Uniform utilize advanced GPS systems for real-time traffic updates.

24/7 Site Patrols and Investigation

Our security guards perform thorough external and internal patrols to find alarm-related causes, whether it is fire or intrusion. Through extensive training, they quickly assess the situation and then take the necessary actions and give complete reports. Our response personnel are in continuous contact with the support team to ensure smooth coordination and prompt actions if required.
With the experience of more than a decade in the industry of security and alarm response, we are aware of the threats and issues most businesses face. So, we provide a complete customised security plan according to the needs and requirements of the client. Moreover, our professionals keep suggesting and modifying the security plan to make improvements which ultimately discourage the intruders from staying away from the premises.

Continued Security and Support

At Guard Mark Security, our commitment to your security goes beyond alarm response. In case of any theft or break-ins, our response team ensures to stay on the site until the relevant authorities complete their investigation and the premises are secure again. Our dedication to exceptional service ensures your peace of mind throughout the entire process.

With our customised and expert alarm security services, Guard Mark Security ensures the utmost precision and care in protecting your business. Take action today and get in touch to explore how we can tailor our alarm security services to perfectly fit your specific needs, effectively securing your business.