Education Sector Security Services

When talking about a safe and secure environment, the educational sector is one of the most important and crucial sectors to be safe and secure all the time. There are many threats these establishments have to tackle internally as well as externally. It is one of the main responsibilities of the educational institutes to provide a safe learning environment for their students, staff, and the other employees. Providing a safe and sound learning environment is also a main concern from the parents and families.

Are you looking for peace of mind regarding the safety and want to have some extraordinary educational sector security services? Don’t look any further! At Guard Mark Security, we are experts in providing outstanding educational sector security solutions designed specifically for the educational industry. With our experience and dedication to delivering the best, we will ensure the security of your employees, staff and most importantly your students.

Education Security Services

With the experience of a decade in providing the educational sector security services, one of the main issues schools and colleges face is when the students bring the banned items on site. Handling violence is also a main concern for the educational sector. Without a well-planned and organised security team, it is quite hard and challenging to control these factors. This is where the professional and specifically trained personnel of the Guard Mark security come in to rescue you.

The security guarding for the education sector service is focused on the protection of students, making sure of their safety and wellbeing within the educational establishments. We also focus on stopping unauthorised access to anyone, making sure to create a safe environment for the students. We work closely with the school authorities to create the best possible security plan according to the needs and requirements of the premises.

Our security guards are highly trained and are able to handle emergencies by providing assistance and coordination in critical situations. Our security guards are also expert and trained in managing different student groups and altering their strategies to ensure an appropriate and secure learning environment for all. We specialise in dealing with challenging students by employing professional methods and strategies for resolving conflicts to ensure a positive learning environment.

All our guards have licences issued by the SIA and have been thoroughly vetted according to the BS7858 Standards ensuring a safe and secure environment for all. We specialise in protecting and managing students with special needs by providing tailored security strategies to ensure their security, comfort, and participation in educational settings.

Added Value

Safety concerns are one of the most important aspects of our work. As we are proactive in identifying potential threats, we implement appropriate measures to reduce the risks. Moreover, our security guards effectively manage parking areas, taking efficient traffic control measures, and making sure that vehicles are safe.

Crowd management is also a factor in which our educational security guards excel and can effectively control without compromising the safety and security of the students, staff, or the visitors. Our security guards can also manage reception desk duties with professionalism and are responsible for the security protocols and the visitor control systems.

We are well aware that educational institutes require a very specific and distinct kind of security due to the students. That’s why site surveys and risk assessments are always completed by our professionals before commencing the services. All of our staff members are well trained and inducted to the site before starting their duties. After the analysis of the establishment, we give proper in-house training to our security guards specifically to meet the needs and demands of your establishment for the sake of creating a safe learning environment for your students.

A Security Guard monitoring the educational institute and the students at the college entrance.

Consulting and Investigations Services

Guard Mark Security is one of the well-known educational security companies providing services all over the UK. We are completely aware of the day-to-day risks and threats educational institutes face and know how to handle them effectively.

Our professional and certified staff is always available to discuss your needs and can help you to design the flexible and customised security package according to the requirements of your establishment. Moreover, we make sure site surveys, risk assessments, and site inductions are completed prior to commencing the duties. Contact Guard Mark Security today and let us give you peace of mind by protecting your premises.