Warehouse and Retail Store Detective Services

Warehouses and retail stores are the places where business owners store expensive and valuable goods which attracts dishonest employees and contractors for in-house thefts. According to the ONS, there were 402,482 cases reported to the police of England and Wales in 12 months up to September 2023. It was the highest number of thefts in 2 decades which raises the concern of safety and security in warehouse and retail store owners. This is where the Guard Mark Security comes in to provide you with complete peace of mind.

The in-house safety and security of your goods and valuable assets is our number one duty and we fulfil it with our expert warehouse and retail store detective services. All of our detectives are highly trained and have specific training to observe unusual behaviours and eliminate them before attempting any damage or theft. At Guard Mark Security, all of our detectives hold licences issued by SIA and are vetted in accordance with the BS7858 standards ensuring a complete sense of security and trustworthiness.

Security guards always work as the first line of defence against any attempt to theft or vandalism. However, having an extra layer of security in the form of undercover detectives 24/7 in your warehouse or retail store is also crucial for the complete security of your valuable goods and assets. All of our undercover detectives are fully trained to protect your goods, staff, customers, and establishment providing a complete security solution for your warehouse and retail store.

UK’s Top Leading Undercover Detective Services

Guard Mark Security is one of the top leading and well-known security companies in the UK, providing extraordinary warehouse and retail store detective services. A high number of warehouses and retail stores are facing an increased number of in-house thefts and damages which is causing huge losses. Guard Mark’s undercover detective services are one of the best security measures that warehouse or retail store owners can use to prevent in-house thefts and damages to maximise their profits.

Warehouse detective

Loss prevention officers are completely different from traditional retail or warehouse security guards. Our undercover security officers are highly trained and keep a close eye on all of our employees and contractors to find out the dishonest ones. They work as a worker or employee in your store but have the specific training to find out the in-house thieves and stealers to prevent losses as much as possible.

Complete Retail or Warehouse Security Solution

With the combination of retail security guards and loss prevention officers, business owners can make their business theft-proof. These security guards and detectives act as a strong deterrent against any kind of theft, fraud, discrimination, abuse, violence, and other physical as well emotional damages which ultimately results in a healthy and safe working environment for everyone. Moreover, these proactive measures enhance the reputation of the business and help it in becoming a successful brand.

Warehouse security

If you are also a warehouse or retail store owner and looking for customised undercover security officers, Guard Mark Security is just a call away from you. Contact us and discuss the security needs of your store to prevent losses and damages.