Remote CCTV Monitoring Services

In this era of digitalisation, where everyone is using technology to enhance every field of life, you should also step in, before it’s too late. We all know that the security of our businesses is of paramount importance and always try to improve it in every way. Now Imagine a scenario where you can keep an eye on your property even when you’re far away. CCTV cameras are one of the best inventions of this era and continuous innovation is enhancing it in every way.
With our cutting-edge CCTV Monitoring Services, the possibility becomes an actuality. Our team of skilled CCTV operators and the latest technology, we surpass conventional surveillance to offer extensive security solutions. For those who require on site as well as remote monitoring, our custom services are specifically designed to meet your requirements.
Guard Mark Security provides a comprehensive CCTV monitoring services package according to the needs and requirements of the businesses. We can help your commercial property, business establishment or the construction site with our CCTV monitoring services and will provide you with a complete peace of mind knowing your business is under constant surveillance by our professional and well-trained security personnel.

A CCTV Operator monitoring the CCTV cameras closely to ensure the security and safety of everyone.

Real-Time Surveillance

Our top-quality systems are affordable and ideal for large-scale sites. Through the capture of real-time footage, we are able to secure crucial evidence to prosecute off-site crime. Get the most advanced security from Our CCTV Monitoring Services tailored to your needs and requirements.

NSI Gold Monitoring

Guard Mark Security has currently partnered up with an Alarm Receiving & Monitoring company which is NSI Gold Accredited and dedicated to improve the security sector in the best possible way.

Trained Professionals
Our CCTV experts undergo rigorous training, which ensures they can deal with any kind of situation. Through quick response, they reduce risks and offer an excellent sense of security. From alerts about alarms to monitoring intruders, our staff is committed to securing your site in every possible way. We know how important it is to contact the authorities on the spot to secure the site. That’s why we give access to our monitoring personnels to contact the keyholder, mobile patrol and the local authorities in case of any theft and vandalism. They contact the mobile patrol unit or the security guards in seconds and give them the exact location from where intruders try to enter.

Guard Mark CCTV operator monitors footage, adeptly handling diverse situations to ensure security and safety effectively.
Male and female CCTV operators in Guard Mark uniform monitor footage to ensure security and safety for all.

Comprehensive Reporting
Our detailed reports analyze events, reveal weaknesses, and suggest proactive steps to improve security on site. Our CCTV Monitoring Services grants you valuable insights and opportunities to enhance your security system. Our experts will give you a complete method of security. The security of your business is our number one priority. So, our professionals give recommendations from time to time and improve the security measures accordingly.

Do not let lockouts that are unexpected, or security flaws cause disruption to your business. Select the Guard Mark Security’s Locking and Unlocking Services and enjoy the benefits of easy access, increased security, as well as the peace of mind you can have knowing that your business is safe.

Guard Mark Security has its own customised software for the sake of providing the best CCTV monitoring services all over the UK. Our staff is well trained to use every tool of the software to enhance the security measures. Moreover, you can access our software at any time and can see what’s going on at your site and what we are doing to protect your establishment from any kind of theft or vandalism. Also, you can get the past footage of up to limited number of days from our monitoring station for the sake of analysis or evidence collection.