Manned Guarding is one of the oldest traditional methods of providing security to places, specific locations, areas, and assets. In the old eras of the Roman and Persian empires, they choose the most powerful, sharp, and skilled personnel to provide security services to their palaces, territory, borders, etc. In all ages, the kings always used to have security guards to ensure the safety of their families.

The era we are living in has changed a lot and is considered a time of digitisation, robotics, artificial intelligence, and technology. But there are certain things that only a human could perform better, and manned security guarding is the best example of them. But before diving into what are the advantages of it. Let’s discuss what manned security guarding is.

What is Manned Security Guarding?

Manned security guarding is a method of security in which a person or a company hires one or a group of security guards to provide security to their specific assets, buildings, or locations. In this method, security guards make sure to present on-site to secure the premises.

They conduct patrols, provide surveillance, and act as a strong deterrent against any kind of criminal or illegal activity. Moreover, security guards act quickly and smoothly in case of any emergency and tackle the situation professionally and calmly.

Security guarding is a need of many sectors including businesses, industries, residential and commercial properties, etc. They ensure to follow the instructions strictly and don’t allow others to break laws whether they are society members or business employees.

In commercial sectors, security guards perform gatekeeping services as well and ensure that people with proper identification credentials access the property only.

Now that we have discussed a lot about what manned security guarding services are and what they do, it is time to check out the advantages.

Advantages of Manned Security Guarding

There are plenty of manned security guarding advantages. The security guards act as a first line of defence against any kind of illegal activities including theft, vandalism, burglary, etc. Also, thieves and vandals don’t enter the property with visible security guards performing the services to protect the assets and property infrastructure from activities like theft and vandalism.

The security guards are trained well to identify potential threats and eliminate them before they escalate. Moreover, their response to act on alarms is very fast and ensures to arrive at the location of the alarm trigger within seconds to protect the people and assets. So, there are tons of benefits and advantages of manned security guarding. Some of them are mentioned below:

Visible Deterrence

A manned security guard in uniform stands in front of the building, performing their duty with visible deterrence.


Security guards are considered the first line of defence and act as a visible deterrent against activities like theft and vandalism. The presence of security guards gives a clear message to unauthorised people to not attempt any activity that causes harm to the premises.

The security guards keep a close eye on the areas with storage to ensure all the company assets are safe and sound. Moreover, the thieves and vandals avoid the properties with physical security due to the threat of getting caught by them.

Expert Monitoring

Security guards are trained professionally to monitor everything precisely. They keep a close eye on everything and take prompt action in case they detect any unusual activity within the premises. As we are living in the digitalised era, security guards are trained to monitor CCTV cameras and alarms all the time.

An expert manned security guard monitoring CCTV cameras and alarms, diligently performing their duty to ensure a secure environment.

CCTV cameras help a lot in monitoring the organisation in the best manner. It helps monitor different areas from one place at the same time.

Security guards are trained to use the different functions of CCTV cameras and operate the security alarms in the best manner to ensure everything is safe and secure.

Rapid Response

Trained manned security guard responding rapidly to incidents such as theft, vandalism, alarms, emergencies, or breaches for swift intervention.


Manned security guards are trained in the best manner to act swiftly in case of any incident including theft, vandalism, alarm alert, or any accident. The alarm can be fire or emergency to alert the security guards to take immediate action.

The security guards are trained well to handle these kinds of situations effectively and reduce the harm caused by the incident.

The security guards also act quickly in case of intervention or breach in the property. They act fast and eliminate the threat to stop further damage.

Access Control

Manned Security guard managing access control, checking credentials to prevent unauthorized entry and reduce criminal activities within premises.


Managing access control is the best method to decrease the unusual activities within the premises. Mostly, unauthorised and wrongdoers choose the entry or exit point to access the premises. Thus, it is important to have one or a group of security guards present at the access points all the time.

Security guards check the credentials for identification purposes and only allow the people to enter the property who clear the process.

This helps in decreasing the number of crimes and illegal activities on the property which usually causes harm to the other people working there.

Emergency Preparedness

Professional manned security guards trained for emergencies like first aid, fires, and other incidents, ensuring efficient and calm response.


Manned security guards from professional and well-reputed companies are always trained for emergencies. They are trained for first aid, fire incidents, and other emergency incidents. This training helps them train both their mind and body.

When such an incident occurs, they act efficiently without panicking and help the other people stuck on the premises get out safely and calmly.

Customer Assistance

Manned security guard assisting a customer with a friendly and professional demeanor, ensuring a positive customer experience.


Security guards also help businesses with customer assistance. They know the organisational protocols and infrastructure properly and assist the customers in the best way to reach their destination.

They are also trained to take phone calls and assist the customers by clearing their queries in the best manner. Moreover, having well-uniformed security guards present within the premises or organisation gives a sense of security to all the customers, workers, and employees.


Manned security guarding services is one of the best methods to protect your property effectively. They as a strong deterrent, monitor every inch of the premises in the best manner, provide rapid response in case of any incident or alarm alert, secure the access points professionally to allow only the invited people, act quickly and swiftly in case of any emergency, and provide the customer assistance by answering phone calls and providing directions.

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