Dog Handling and K9 Security Services

Imagine a level of security where highly professional security guards and special-trained dogs are deployed for the sake of security and safety of the business. In all ages, dogs are considered one of the best security companions to eliminate the risk of theft and vandalism by a high ratio due to their natural abilities. In this modern age, the importance of K9 dog security increases by a huge number and businesses are looking for professional dog handling units to enhance the security of their premises.

Are you also one of them, worried and disturbed because of the daily interference of intruders at your business place? Don’t worry! Guard Mark Security offers top-notch dog handling and security solutions that are designed to satisfy your requirements. Our well-trained and experienced dog handlers are committed to giving you peace of mind while ensuring the safety of your business. With experience of more than a decade in the industry of security, we have worked with some of the well-known businesses and provided them with our K9 dog security services for the sake of enhancing the security of their premises.

K9 security guard in Guard Mark uniform handles watchdog, securing premises against theft, vandalism with vigilance.

Guard Dog Units, K9 Patrol

Our K9 dog units work as the first line of defence against any kind of theft or vandalism. Due to the natural abilities of dogs, they bark even at the slightest sound which helps to take the security of premises to another level. The fear of getting harmed by the dogs keeps the intruders away from accessing the premises. Most of the criminals try to find out the easy targets and don’t dare to access the sites with a high level of security especially when K9 dog units are deployed for the sake of security.

Guard Mark Security also provides K9 patrol services in which the professional security guards and the expert dog handlers frequently visit your business site during the non-business hours with highly trained dogs. Our K9 patrol units never visit the establishment in a specific pattern to make sure the complete security of the premises. All of our dog security handlers are highly expert in their field and hold the licences issued by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). Guard Mark Security always provides flexible and customised K9 dog security packages according to the needs and requirements of your business.

K9 security guard, in Guard Mark uniform, uses watchdog to prevent criminal activity as instructed.

Why Choose Guard Mark Security?

There are multiple benefits of choosing the Guard Mark Security and here are some of them:

Enhanced Deterrence

Our security dogs can prevent criminal activity at your business. Their presence is a strong signal to criminals that your premises are secured and is not a place for them to go.

Efficient Crowd Control

Noisy and crowded environments are one of those locations that need an extra layer of security and the K9 is the best fit for it. The security of the attendees is of the utmost importance. Our K9 dog handlers are highly trained and are well aware to ensure the safety and security of everyone with the K9 units.

Professional Expertise

Our dog handlers have been certified by NASDU and hold valid SIA licences. They are skilled in security protocols and procedures which allows them to manage any security issue in a professional manner.

Cost-Effective Solution

If you choose to use our dog-handling services, you can improve security without breaking your budget. According to research, one professional and special-trained dog is more helpful than the 6 security guards when it comes to securing and safeguarding a business establishment. Our dog units will add a layer of security which reduces the requirement for additional security personnel, and eventually save cash in the end.

Tailored Security Solutions

At Guard Mark Security, we recognise that each business has its own security needs. We will work with you to design a specific security strategy that will be tailored to meet your specific requirements and needs.
With our broad variety of services and unwavering dedication towards excellence, we aim to provide the highest degree of safety and security with the help of our K9 dog security units. Contact us now and get a completely free consultation plan to improve the security of your business.