CCTV monitoring service by guard mark
CCTV Tower services by guard mark
Commercial Security guarding
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CCTV monitoring service by guard mark
CCTV Tower services by guard mark
Commercial Security guarding
Dog Security K9 by guard mark security
Door supervision service by guard mark
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Guard Mark Security Guard Services

In this fast-paced world, security guarding is one of the most important and essential measures to safeguard your property from the theft and vandalism. Guard Mark Security is one of the best security guard companies all over the UK and have worked with some of the great establishments and organisations.
Currently, Guard Mark Security is mainly serving in the Yorkshire & Humber, Northwest, Northeast, West Midlands and Greater London. Our Security Guarding Service, CCTV Monitoring, CCTV Towers, and Concrete Blocks services are available nationwide. All of our guards have security licences issued by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and have passed the comprehensive screening and vetted to BS7858 standards to ensure a safe and secure environment.

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Accreditations & Memberships

Guard Mark provides Accreditations & Memberships Of Safe Contractor

Guard Mark provides Accreditations & Memberships Of Achilles

Guard Mark provides Accreditations & Memberships Of Construction Line

Guard Mark provides Accreditations & Memberships Of Chas Accredation

Guard Mark provides Accreditations & Memberships Of Smas Work Safe

Guard Mark provides Accreditations & Memberships Federation of Master Builders

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Our Main Services

Guard Mark Security have highly trained and expert security guards for the various industries who act as a first and solid layer of defence against any kind of theft or security breach.
Our SIA (Security Industry Authority) licensed and screened to BS7858 standards officers are trained and fully inducted to safeguard all types of premises according to the demands and requirements of the clients.

Guard Mark provides the security guarding services nationwide to many industries such as:
• Warehouse & Logistics Sites
• Construction & Industrial Sites
• Manufacturing & Food Industries Premises
• Vacant Compounds & Premises
• Waste Management & Recycling Centre Sites

It is very important to have well-trained door supervisors at your licensed premises to provide a safe and secure environment where your customers can enjoy some memorable moments with their loved ones. Guard Mark Security have a professional and proactive team of door supervisors who are well trained to take care of any situation such as damage, theft, unauthorized access or disorderly behaviour.

Here are some of the businesses our door supervision team provides continuous support:
• Hotels & Cinemas
• Bars & Night Clubs
• Casinos and other Night time Economies
• Pubs and Restaurants

We have a strong team to cover Yorkshire and the North West. However, we can consider other areas on request to provide the door supervision services. So, whether you need door supervisors for your pubs or bars, we have a complete solution according to your needs and objectives.

Events mainly are the venues where people gather for the sake of pleasure and enjoyment. So, it is very important to secure the place well. When it comes to event security, Guard Mark Security is one the best private security companies with a wealth of experience providing services in Yorkshire and the North West. No matter if you are organising a concert or a private concern, Guard Mark Security is always here for your protection and safety.

Guard Mark Security have a well-trained, strong, and dedicated management team with a wealth of experience and knowledge in event security management. Our event management team also specialises in drug and explosive searches to ensure a safe environment for the attendees. Our experts also monitor and record the event using CCTV tower technology to ensure and guarantee the security of the event.

K9 security is considered one of the best forms of security, especially in those industries and areas where there is a high risk of theft and break-ins. All of our security guards hold the licences issued by SIA and train our dogs excellently. The K9 Security team acts as a strong deterrent against theft, vandalism, and trespassing activities. Our dog security team can be deployed with other security services including manned guarding, mobile patrol, or especially with night guarding services to enhance the security measures of the establishment. Guard Mark Security’s K9 services can be a perfect fit for all of your security needs.

All of our security guards and dog handlers are well-trained according to the standards of NASDU ensuring complete security solutions to promote the safety standards. Our dog handlers train the dogs with the best techniques aligned with the NASDU guidelines which ensures to identify all kinds of threats even from a distance. We are providing our K9 Security Services in Northwest, Yorkshire and Humbler, Northeast, Greater London, and West Midlands. We can consider providing our services in other areas upon request.

Our Mobile CCTV Tower is a one-stop solution for all of your security needs. We use most digital CCTV towers with a variety of functions that help in improving security measures. From 360-degree tilting cameras to high illumination light, our CCTV tower cameras are able to capture the different intruders and movements in different directions at a time. Moreover, we offer CCTV Towers that include integrated solar panels to ensure smooth operation,

while also being eco-friendly. CCTV Towers are one of the most cost-effective digital devices one can install to enhance the security of an establishment. CCTV towers are the best solutions to enhance the construction site and event security. Guard Mark Security is providing the CCTV Tower installation services nationwide.

Guard Mark Security provides comprehensive CCTV monitoring services according to the needs and requirements of the businesses. We can help your commercial property, business establishment, or construction site with our CCTV monitoring services to enhance security measures.

Our top-quality systems are affordable and ideal for large-scale sites. Get the most advanced security from Our CCTV Monitoring Services. Guard Mark Security is providing CCTV monitoring services nationwide.

Guard Mark Security is dedicated to providing unparallelled keyholding services that can be tailored to meet your needs and requirements. Our expert team is committed to offering extensive solutions that always ensure the security and safety of your property.

Keyholding service includes the following services:
• Locking and unlocking service·
• Alarm Response Services
• Mobile Patrol Services

Guard Mark Security is providing exceptional Corporate Guarding Services. With a wealth of experience in the sector of corporate security guarding, we are well aware of what kind of problems most businesses face, and which solutions will work best to address them.
Here are some of the sectors we are covering :
• Student & Other Private Accommodations
• Schools & Other Educational Campuses
• Public Sectors & Local Authorities
• Business & Retail Parks
• Offices & Commercial Premises
• Retail Stores & Car Dealerships

• Shopping Centres & Business Complex
• Reception duties including phone answering and general enquiry help desk.

All of our door supervisors and security guards are SIA licensed and are fully vetted under the BS7858 standards. Also, our door supervisors are DBS checkeed ensuring the complete security and safety of your premises. Moreover, we provide continuous training and support sessions to our security guards to deliver extraordinary services for the betterment of the establishment. At Guard Mark Security, our security guards can handle any kind of emergency situation effectively and can help you with your daily business needs.

At Guard Mark Security, we can be your one-stop source for concrete security blocks. Concrete Blocks are available to be deployed nationwide by our dedicated team members. Concrete blocks are one of the best security measures to block the way of thieves, intruders, and unwanted guests.

We provide a wide range of concrete blocks whether you require traffic control or want to secure your construction site, we’ll provide you with complete, comprehensive, and customized services according to your needs and requirements. Contact Guard Mark Security now to discuss your project’s needs and requirements.

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