Undoubtedly, the security sector is one of the blooming and hot businesses with increasing demand every day. Due to the large number of crimes and illegal activities in some specific areas and cities of the UK, hiring professional and well-reputed security companies is a must.

These companies help secure your assets and provide peace of mind with their proactive approach by ensuring everything is safe and sound. But, it becomes a huge challenge to find the best security company to hire that fulfils all your security needs and requirements.

So, today we are here to provide you with the list of 15 top security companies operating in the UK to help you make informed decisions. Let’s begin without wasting a single second.

1- Guard Mark Security

Guard Mark Security is one of the well-known and reputed security-providing companies in the UK. For over a decade, they have been serving the country with the help of their professional and well-experienced security guards.

They have served hundreds of companies with a motto of securing the country in the best methods. With a proven track record and 100% satisfaction rate, they have become one of the top-rated and leading security-providing companies in the UK.

Here are some of the prominent services they are offering currently to their clients seeking a professional security guarding company in the UK to ensure safety and peace of mind:

Guard Mark Security Services infographic showcasing Security Guarding, Door Supervision, Corporate Security, CCTV Monitoring, Keyholding, K9, Mobile Patrol, Event Security, and Concrete Block Services.

If you need any security guarding services, Guard Mark can be your true and reliable partner. You can contact them by ringing “03301755786” or by email at “enquiries@guard-mark.co.uk”.

2- Mitie

Mitie is one of the biggest security guard companies in the UK providing a range of services to businesses. You may not be familiar with this company because they just provide their services to large enterprises and multinational companies.

According to the balance sheets, issued by Mitie, the annual turnover in 2022 was £883 Million, and this was the largest amount of revenue they generated within a year.

3- G4S

G4S is the second number in generating the most revenue in 2022. This is also a UK-based company providing a wide range of services and protecting businesses and houses from illegal activities including theft, vandalism, break-ins, etc.

According to G4S, the most revenue they generate is from providing security services to the houses. The annual turnover of G4S in 2022 was £797 Million.

4- Bidvest Noonan

Bidvest Noonan is one of the biggest names when talking about private security companies in UK and always saves the spot in the top 5. They provide a diverse range of services and always meet the client’s expectations and have a good track record of providing security services according to the needs and requirements of the clients.

The annual turnover they made in 2022 was shockingly £357 Million and they set even higher targets to achieve in 2023.

5- Securitas Security Services

Securitas Security is one of the well-known and internationally renowned security companies. The owners started it from a small-town Helsingborg which is in Sweden.

Over time, they expanded their business boundaries all over the world including the UK. The annual turnover they made in 2022 was £258 Million.

6- Wilson James

Wilson James is one of the big security-providing companies established in 1988. Within the time frame of 30 years, they have expanded their business to a huge level and made a recognisable name in the security guarding industry.

They offer various high-quality and reliable security services in the UK. The annual turnover of Wilson James in 2022 was £229 Million according to their balance sheets.

7- OCS Group Limited

OCS Group Limited is considered one of the humblest companies that started as just a window cleaning services provider in the UK. At the time of starting, it was only one company providing cleaning services but with time and struggle of 123 years, they diversified their services and expanded the business to the national level. The annual turnover of OCS Group Limited in 2022 was £166 Million.

8- Total Security Services (TSS)

TSS not only provides security services, but it also provides trust and peace of mind which their customer’s feedback and reviews show. They have accomplished great things over time and created a recognisable name in the industry of security guarding. They closed 2022 with a total turnover of £132.7 Million in a year.

9- Kingdom Security

Kingdom Security was established in the UK 30 years ago and did their business with consistent and real struggles. They are making huge revenues and always break the record of the previous year which shows their business success and accomplishments. 2022 was the best year for Kingdom Security and made an all-time high and record-breaking £132.4 Million turnover.


ICTS UK was established in 1987 and since then, they have worked really hard and secured their position in the top 10 security companies of the UK. With the ultimate growth and success storeys, they made an annual turnover of £112 Million in 2022.

11- SSGC

SSGC is one of the best security guarding companies with the motto of having the best and most highly trained security guards in the UK. They market themselves as highly skilled and most advanced security providers in the whole of the UK. The total turnover of SSGC in 2022 was £104 Million.

12- Sodexo

Almost 70 years ago, Sodexo started its business in France in the food industry and used to deliver different food items. With the passage of time and hard work, they became one of the biggest security services providers in the UK and have established different branches in the cities. Sodexo made a record-breaking £103 Million turnover in 2022.

13- Carlisle Support Services

Carlisle Support Services established its business in 2011 with the core fundamentals of understanding “WHY”. This fundamental helps them understand why businesses need security and how to address it in the best manner. With the help of this core principle, they made an annual turnover of £96 Million in 2022.

14- Amberstone

Amberstone is a new name in the security guarding industry and has introduced security to tech and digital devices. They ensure to provide the security services with the help of tech to enhance and meet the client’s requirements in the best manner.

Their specific niche helped them make the biggest turnover in their company’s history, which was £87 million in 2022.

15- Corps Security

Corps Security is the last but not least security company name on our list. The business was established in the 19th century and provided the security guarding opportunities to former military and police personnel.

They claimed to have the best security guards in the whole UK because most of them are format military personnel. The total turnover of Corps Security was £85 Million they just made in 2022.

Does Size Really Matter in Choosing the Right Security Company?

The answer to this question is no. There are many other factors that you should consider before hiring a security guarding company to protect your assets. Here are some of them:

  •  People And a Great Work Culture
  •  Rapid, Round the Clock Support
  • A Dedicated, Passionate Team
  • ACS Scores & Ranking
  • Listening To and Understanding Customer Needs Carefully
  • Dynamic, Results-Driven Solutions

These are some of the factors to consider besides size. I hope you get all your answers and are now able to choose a security company that fits perfectly for you.

If you have any other questions related to the security guarding services, go to our Contact Us page and get the information to send us your queries. We’ll be more than happy to answer all your questions to clear your doubts.