Construction sites are places highly attritive to thieves and burglars because of the expensive machinery, equipment, and valuable resources. Imagine you have left your construction place in the evening without any security system and then plan all the things you will do tomorrow. But stealers enter your property at nighttime and steal some tools and specific parts of the machinery. Now reach the property with full spirit not knowing a huge problem is waiting ahead. After reaching your property, you get to know that many tools are missing. Also, the machine can’t work without those parts that the stealers stole last night. Isn’t it a huge problem and nightmare for the construction site owners and the engineers?

Now you must arrange all the tools and the machinery parts to start your work. It will delay the work and also disturb the schedule. Moreover, you have to pay the labourers full payment because they are at your location ready for the work. According to the research conducted by Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) in 2023, the average cases of theft and vandalism are increasing day by day and the cost has crossed 800 million pounds in the UK. This is the reason we at Guard Mark Security have got a complete guide and reasons why construction companies need security guards.

Here are the top 8 reasons why construction companies should hire professional and expert security guards:

Thefts Prevention

Construction sites without any building site security systems or operational CCTV cameras are the best targets for thieves to enter and take everything that can be sold. The cutting-edge tools and easily accessible machinery parts are considered the best items to sell because they are easy to carry and have good demand in the market.

Construction sites without any building site security systems or operational CCTV cameras are the best targets for thieves

The labourers, engineers, or even the owners can’t take the tools, equipment, or pieces of machinery from the construction site to some other safe place daily at the end of the day. So, usually, all these items tend to be kept at the site. But if you don’t have any security system, you might end up losing all of your necessary and valuable items.

Moreover, the copper and silver wires used at the construction site can be sold in the market at good rates. Also, the paint, cement, metal, and other useful resources needed at the construction site can be the target of the stealers and burglars. Leaving your construction site in safe and expert hands is the first and most important reason to hire security guards. It also gives you peace of mind knowing your property is safe and will be ready tomorrow for work according to schedule.

Anti-Vandalism Measures

Intruders do not enter the properties just for the sake of stealing and walking away taking some valuable stuff, another reason is vandalism. The properties with weak building security systems become the easiest targets for the vandals to enter and break windows, through eggs, and cause much other damage which ultimately slows down the construction process and disturbs the schedule badly. This also costs a lot of money to the property owners.

These types of activities aren’t only performed by vandals. Sometimes, your competitors also hire people and give money to them to cause damage to your property. This is one of the most unethical tactics used by competitors and other construction companies to disrepute yours. Having a security guard perform the nighttime duties at the construction site is one of the major reasons for hiring professional and expert security guards to ensure complete safety and peace of mind.

To Prevent Unauthorised Access

Hundreds of people work at construction sites at a time including engineers, labourers, contractors, architects, and many more. Also, they enter and leave the property all day due to many reasons. It is the duty of the security guard to keep a close eye on everyone and not let any unauthorised person access the premises.

Also, an experienced security guard tracks everyone and ensures every required person is on the site. It becomes challenging due to multiple entrances but keeping track of everyone makes it much easier. By doing this, security guards keep unauthorised people away and ensure the safety and security of the people working on the construction site.

Safety and Security of Everyone

One of the main duties of security guards is to make sure everyone is safe and secure working within the premises. One of the benefits of hiring well-experienced and professional security guards is that they are first aid and anti-terrorism trained. Also, they got trained in some other areas including risk assessment and worksite safety which makes them ideal for the construction sites.

At construction sites, workers use many hazardous materials and dangerous tools which can cause serious accidents at any time. The well-trained security guards play a vital role in this situation and provide the necessary assistance until the medical unit comes in. Also, the security guard can be an eyewitness in court and provide testimony or a statement mentioning the accident wasn’t caused by the carelessness of the company. This type of statement by the security guard can save a company from huge expenses including an injury lawsuit.

Worker’s Conflicts

Hundreds and sometimes thousands of people work on the construction site at the same time, and they have to follow the deadlines to ensure the completion of the project according to the scheduled time. This working environment sometimes pressurises the labours and can cause conflicts between the labours and the management.

Guard mark security guards on the site helps a lot in conflict management and makes things normal

Having professional security guards on the site helps a lot in conflict management and makes things normal before they turn into some serious issues. Conflict management is also a factor in which every security guard must excel to make the right decision on the spot to ensure the safety and security of everyone.

Maintaining Productive Atmosphere

Maintaining a productive atmosphere is very crucial for all the labourers, engineers, contractors, and everyone else on the site to work in the best manner, and security guards play a vital role in it. It is obvious when the security team works on the safety of the establishment day and night, when they don’t let any mishap happen, and when they keep all the thieves, strollers, vandals, and intruders away from the premises, everything will work in a flow smoothly.

In this kind of working atmosphere, where everyone feels safe and secure, the work progress will enhance and there must be an increase in productivity. Thus, having a professional and expert team of security guards is essential for the construction sites.

Helps in Reducing Costs

Security guards do not let thieves or intruders enter the premises and keep all the tools, equipment, machines, and other resources safe and secure which means no delay at the work next morning and everything will run according to schedule. Moreover, we have discussed earlier that in case of any accident, the statement of the security guard can help save thousands of pounds for the company against any injury lawsuit.

Digital and Technological Assistance

Security guards monitor, analyse, and track everyone from the CCTV cameras

Well-known and reputed security companies like Guard Mark always train their security guards to operate digital tools like CCTV cameras. Security guards monitor, analyse, and track everyone from the CCTV cameras and take action in case of any threat to eliminate it before anything bad happens.

Moreover, hiring security guards with technological knowledge helps save money and the company doesn’t need to hire a special CCTV operator just for monitoring the cameras.

Hire Guard Mark Security

We at Guard Mark Security specialise in providing exceptional construction site security services and have well-trained guards to ensure the smooth running of your operations. All our security guards have deep knowledge and training in construction site security. Moreover, our guards are trained in conflict management and making the best decisions with a calm mind in case of any emergencies.

If you have any questions in your mind or want to learn more about construction site security, our friendly and knowledgeable team is here 24/7. Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.