Mobile CCTV Tower Services

Mobile CCTV Tower is one of the great inventions of this digital era. It is helping a lot of businesses to enhance their security measures for the sake of safe and secure sound. Moreover, due to the cameras on the tower, it gives 360-degree angles and a wide range of coverage which helps in eliminating the blind spots. Also, the mobile CCTV tower is the perfect fit for the temporary sites including construction sites, Highway infrastructure, events and many more, where it is hard to install and monitor the CCTV cameras.

Guard Mark Security’s Mobile CCTV Tower is a revolutionary solution to provide 24/7 security for your site that is a step up in safeguarding your assets and property. We offer a full security solution that goes far beyond what the other security companies offer by utilising cutting-edge technology and unparallelled knowledge for the sake of complete security. These CCTV towers are also known as the rapid deployment tower which is a matter of seconds to install for the professionals of Guard Mark Security and acts as a visual deterrent to keep the intruders away from your establishment.

Advanced CCTV Tower Services

Our Mobile CCTV Tower is a one-stop solution for all of your security needs. We use most digital CCTV towers with a variety of functions that help in improving the security measures. From 360 degree tilting cameras to high illumination light, our CCTV tower cameras are able to capture the different intruders and movements in different directions at a time.

One of the great advantages our CCTV tower offers is that they are solar powered and need no wires to operate, which makes them very easy to install and move from one place to another. We can also connect many towers with one another, which helps to secure the different areas of the site accordingly. Before installing the CCTV towers, our professional and well-trained staff visits the site and analyses it for the sake of installing the tower at the best place for the sake of maximum coverage.

Key Benefits of our CCTV Towers

• No matter how harsh the weather is, our CCTV Towers keep watch day and night. You can rest assured that your site is constantly scrutinised to identify any vulnerabilities or potential threats.
• False alarms can be costly and annoying. Our sophisticated security and monitoring system meticulously eliminates threats that are not so important, to ensure that you only get alerted when you need to be.
• Our towers are fitted with the latest technology, allowing them to detect multiple invaders simultaneously, providing you with exact real-time updates 24/7 about possible threats. Moreover, you can access your CCTV tower live footage via mobile app.

• We offer CCTV Towers that include integrated solar panels to ensure smooth operation, while also being eco-friendly which means they don’t need any fuel for operational purposes.
• Our solar-powered CCTV towers offer the latest technology that is carbon-free protecting your property and the environment.
• No matter what the size of your property is, our CCTV towers are equipped with the latest functions including the height adjustment to cover the entire property.
• From highways and construction sites to utilities and events, our CCTV Towers deliver unmatched security that is tailored to your particular requirements and needs.
• Our CCTV Towers are fitted with the 4G world SIM cards.
• The CCTV Towers are a wise option for security needs of today because they offer greater efficiency for a fraction of the cost compared to traditional security staff and equipment.

Mobile CCTV tower service offers 24/7 surveillance, allowing live access to footage via mobile app for threat monitoring.

Installing CCTV towers is one of the best things you can do to enhance the security of your business or site. In this digital era of technology, Guard Mark Security is offering the most advanced mobile CCTV towers for the sake of better security and safety. Call us now to protect your business with the latest surveillance technology.