Warehouse and Production Security Service

Warehouses and production sites are the places where business owners keep their valuable assets and trading goods in large quantities and their security is of paramount importance. These sites are built on a large area, and this is the thing intruders take advantage of. First, they analyse the property properly and then find a spot from where they can get a clean entrance and exit without any difficulty.

So, is your site vulnerable to security threats? Are your valuable assets at risk? Don’t worry! We specialise in providing top-notch warehouse and production site security services of all sizes as a recognised leader in the market for complete security solutions. We guarantee the highest level of security and peace of mind for your facility with our team of highly skilled and SIA licenced site security guards. Let us handle your security requirements so you may concentrate on your main business activities.

Benefits of Our Site Security Services

Guard Mark Security provides comprehensive and customised site security services to secure the warehouse and production site in the best manner. Here are some of the duties our security guards will perform:
·One of the main problems sites are facing these days is handling the car parking spaces. Our site security guards are well trained to manage the car parks and ensure the security of them for the sake of providing a safe and secure environment to all the staff, employees, and visitors.
·Our well uniformed and equipped site security guards are the first line of defence and work as a visual deterrent against all the intruders and troublemakers to stay away from the establishment.
·With their expertise in site security, they effectively manage visitors, staff, and delivery truck access, preventing unauthorised entry and lowering the possibility of theft, damage, or other security breaches.

Warehouse and Production Site CCTV Systems

CCTV Systems are one of the best devices that can be used to enhance the security of the site. Guard Mark Security provides a comprehensive site security plan and offers CCTV installation and monitoring services to take the security of your premises to heights of the sky.

·Our site security guards have expertise in managing and checking the CCTV cameras for the sake of better security experience. They are able to recommend or suggest to you the elements to eliminate or add to enhance the security measures with the passage of time.
·Our security guards conduct periodic patrols all over the site to make sure everything is fully secure and under control. Moreover, they conduct some irregular and off schedule patrols to the site to break the patrolling pattern which takes the security to the next level.
·Our site security guards are well trained to provide the first aid and fire evacuation safety supervision which makes them the best fit for the security of any warehouse or production site.

Security guard in Guard Mark uniform performs duties at warehouse or production site, ensuring safety and security.

Site Alarm Systems

Our CCTV monitoring staff is well trained and acts promptly in response to an alarm system to check and eliminate the threat as soon as possible. No matter if it is a motion sensor alarm, fire alarm or window alarm, our security guards reach the premises in the matter of seconds and prevent the loss or damage as much as they can. Guard Mark Security has got your site covered and can provide all the security services an establishment needs.

Warehouse security guard performs duties on Carpark supervision, Visual deterrent, Access control, Conducting periodical patrols, Conducting patrols and Safety Supervision

Tailored Solutions

We are aware that every site has different security needs. To meet your unique security demands, we provide specialised security solutions. Our team performs an in-depth inspection of your facilities, identifying potential risks and creating a strong security plan to properly address them.

Health and safety

The health and safety of our customers and their sites are our primary concerns at Guard Mark security. In order to guarantee a secure atmosphere for your priceless goods, our devoted security team thoroughly follows the highest standards of health and safety standards. Be assured that we take every measure to ensure a secure warehouse and production site environment.

SIA Licenced Professionals

At Guard Mark Security, professionalism and expertise are priorities. Our crew is highly qualified and licensed by SIA to work in the private security industry. Also, they’re fully vetted to BS7858 standard prior to the start of the role. Our experts are engaged in regular training to deliver the highest service quality possible.

Guard Mark Warehouse and production site Security Services provide the utmost protection for your valuable assets. Get in touch with us immediately for dependable and complete site security solutions!