Liverpool is generally known for its culture and heritage. We often read or hear bad about Liverpool City about the violent crimes and fights. But the question that arises here is; is Liverpool really that bad to be lived? Other people and tourists know Liverpool due to the large number of bars, pubs, and football clubs there. Liverpool’s football clubs are recognised at the international level and have a huge fan following.

But there are several areas where the crime rate is high and people are facing huge challenges to improve their living standards there. But before discussing the top 10 most dangerous areas of Liverpool, let’s discuss is living in Liverpool really dangerous.

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Is Living in Liverpool Really Dangerous?

In a survey conducted by in 2021, Liverpool was voted as one of the safest cities in the UK to live in. In that survey, there were 32 different factors being analysed including the crime report, the number of police officers in the city, the number of operational CCTV cameras, and resident safety. Moreover, in that survey, the team analysed and asked questions to 32 different city residents. Shockingly, a large number of Liverpool residents said that they feel safe and secure in the city. Also, Liverpool had the largest amount of operational CCTV cameras in the city out of the other 32 being surveyed.

But one thing that the survey showed was Liverpool had the least number of active police officers in the city which means there is a high chance for criminals to perform criminal or illegal activities that can disturb the peace of the area easily. But, one thing to consider here is the crime rate in Liverpool is comparatively lower than the national average.

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Note: All of these stats are available publically on the Merseyside police website publically and you can confirm by visiting their website.


Toxteth is a highly populated area known for its large number of clubs, pubs, and bars. The nightlife of this area causes many crimes including criminal damage, violence, and anti-social behaviours. People drink a lot of alcohol there and then cause trouble for others. Burglary and theft are also common offences in this area. The local authorities and police are working hard to implement new strategies in Toxteth for the sake of decreasing the crime rate and damages.


Anfield is part of the Liverpool Hub One police team and is one the 2nd in terms of crimes and illegal activities. Anfield is known for its football clubs, stadiums, and matches. As we know, England’s people love football and visit these areas on match days which cause a huge number of theft and burglary cases.


Kirkdale is the neighbouring area of Anfield and is also part of Liverpool Hub One police team. The total number of crimes in the Hub One in 2021 was 23,018. Kirkdale is one of the high-risk areas and is known for its drug-related offences and a high number of anti-social crimes.

Norris Green

Norris Green is also a part of the Liverpool Hub One police team and is the worst place for the residents to live. People of Norris Green often face challenges like robberies, vehicle damage, and burglary which make this area’s living standard worse than many others. Due to the low number of active police officers in the city, the crime rate is increasing gradually.


Croxteth is the place of gangs and you often hear the news about this area related to gang wars and drug-related offences. Crimes like vandalism also happen in this area mostly in the parking areas. Police are eliminating and arresting these gang members and trying to control the situation before it turns into something bad.


Fairfield is an area in Liverpool Hub Two police team. The total number of comes in the Hub Two from July 2021 to June 2022 was 13,940. The most common criminal offences in Fairfield are domestic burglaries and theft.


Northern parts of Kensington are the worst places to live in. The most common crimes in these areas are gang fights, violent crimes, anti-social behaviours, and theft. Police and local authorities are working hard to improve the living standards in these areas.


Bootle is under the Sefton Hub One Police Team and the total offences in the time period of 1 year was 17,307. Bootle is located north of Liverpool city centre and the most prominent crimes there are anti-social behaviour, theft, and street-level crimes.


Wavertree is under Liverpool’s Hub Four Police Team and has experienced the most number of crimes from July 2021 to June 2022. The total number of offences under Hub Four was 29,238 and the most common ones were street crimes and theft.

Edge Hill

Edge Hill is an area that is developing again but still facing challenges and issues like theft, anti-social behaviour, vandalism, and burglary.


So these are the top 10 most dangerous areas in Liverpool. Local authorities, police, and residents are collaborating closely and helping each other in this tough time.

Safety Tips and Recommendations for Living in Liverpool

Here are some tips and recommendations to improve your security and enhance your living standards in Liverpool:

Safety Gear

Carrying safety gear live pepper spray, steel folding sticks, and personal alarms can help a lot in enhancing your security and safety while living in Liverpool.

Property Safety

You can improve the security of your premises with the help of some essential tools like CCTV cameras, alarm security services, door alarms, motion detectors, etc. If you are a business owner, you can get these services from Guard Mark Security.

Secured Routes

Make sure to take the well-lit and busy routes especially while travelling at nighttime. Avoid shortcuts because these kinds of routes usually are dark and the favourite places for robbers.

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