Security guards act as a first line of defence and safeguard businesses from various potential threats like theft, vandalism, and other violent crimes. It is important for the business to have security guards for the sake of safety and security of the business. People think that security guarding companies charge a lot to provide their guards but that’s not true. It’s just a myth. You just need to change your perspective. Don’t think like you are paying an agency. Think like you are investing in your business for the sake of the safety and security of your business property, assets, employees, and all the other things attached to your business. Once you start thinking like that, you will never leave your business without taking security measures.

A lot of people ask the question; “How much do security guards cost to hire?” There is no perfect answer to this question because there are many factors that contribute to the price including the number of security guards, experience, company, location, etc. But when talking about the average cost, it is somewhere between £20 to £120 per hour. The prices can be slightly up and down but most of the companies including Guard Mark Security will charge you in between the mentioned prices.

It will be good for you to discuss the pricing clearly and effectively before hiring the security guards. It will be even better to write an agreement between both parties. In this blog post, we are going to share some of the factors that affect the security guards costing and hiring.

Factors Affecting Security Guarding Cost

Security Guards are always important for corporate offices, construction sites, events, etc., and play an important role in providing safety and security to the property and people working there. Troublemakers do not enter the property with physical security and also it leaves a positive impression on the customers knowing that their security is in expert hands. Here are some of the major and core factors that affect the security guards cost to hire:

Hiring Length

One of the most basic and major factors is duration. Security Guards hiring length is the thing that will decide how much will it cost per hour. Mainly when you hire the security guards for a shorter period, it costs you slightly higher per hour as compared to a longer period. You can hire a security guard for:

  • Regular hours in a day
  • A full-time security guard for your business
  • A one-off security guard
  • Temporary security guard for your business according to your needs and requirements

As we have mentioned earlier, usually when you hire one of the multiple security guards from a company for your business security, it is more cost-effective than hiring the guards for a shorter period.

However, every business is different so are its requirements. Sometimes, businesses need security guards at special events or at peak times which cost them slightly more per hour but it suits them to save money by not hiring a full-time security guard.

K9 Security Services

K9 security dogs are also part of the security guarding team. According to surveys, trained k9 dogs are more efficient than 6 security guards which makes them very cost-effective. Moreover, due to their keen senses, vandals and thieves do not enter the property due to the threat of being harmed by the dogs.

Additionally, dogs act more quickly and more effectively than humans due to their natural abilities. So, if you are hiring a well-trained dog and a handler for the safety and protection of your business, obviously it will increase the cost per hour.

Event Type

Security guards are trained for different events and purposes. A traditional SIA-licenced security guard will charge differently than the one who is trained to take care of the VIPs. The VIP protection security guards often charge £150 to £200 per hour depending on your event type.

Here are some of the examples you can hire a security guard for:

All the above-mentioned events and places are different from each other and cost differently depending on the number of security guards, potential threats, location, crowd management, etc.

Required Number of Services

One major factor that impacts the prices is the number of services. Suppose you just need one security guard to keep a close eye on everyone entering your premises. This will cost the traditional price that most of the companies charge. But suppose you need both security guards and door supervisors to make sure everyone accessing the property is authorised. At Guard Mark Security, here are the services are currently offering:

These are some of the major services we are offering at Guard Mark Security and the cost will depend on the number of services you require.

Location of the Services

Due to the rising crime rates in the UK, the demand for security guarding services is increasing with time. When giving a quote to clients, security guarding companies always ask for the location and then quote according to the location. High-risk areas where the crime rate is high will cost you high prices per hour instead to those where the crime rate is lower. Suppose you are hiring a security guard in Manchester, due to the larger crime rate there, the company will charge you a little bit higher as compared to the other safe areas of the country.

So, these are all the major factors that affect the security guards hiring cost. Make sure to first clear everything in your mind before hiring the security guards. This will help you save a good amount of money. Moreover, if you need any services from Guard Mark Security, we are here 24/7. Contact us to get the best security guarding services to protect your business property and people.