Dogs are always one of the best companions of humans and it has been thousands of years, we humans have been getting help from dogs in multiple things, most importantly security. In the early ages, humans used dogs to take care of their animals and protect homes from attacks, but now the times have changed, and people have started training dogs to provide some special kinds of security services. Due to their natural abilities and high senses, dogs can hear, see, and feel threats even from a huge distance and alert the owner or person in charge by barking.

According to research, well-trained and professional K9 dogs are more helpful than 6 security guards combined. But, only having a dog at the establishment is not enough, there should be someone to watch and analyse the situation to take action once the security dog identifies something. With all these years, dogs have become an important part of security and are being deployed in a lot of industries to enhance the safety and security of the premises. Building Sites are one of them and the trend of using the K9 security guards is increasing day-by-day due to their cost-effectivity and efficiency. In this blog post, we will try to cover all the possible benefits of using security dogs at the building site.

Importance of Security Dogs at Building Sites

No matter whether the building site is small or large, it is important to have some really good security measures to protect your assets and resources being used during the work. Intruders, thieves, and sometimes vandals love to enter the construction sites to take valuable tools and equipment with them for the sake of selling. Also, the machines and vehicles contain very expensive parts that can be sold in the market to get a really good amount of money. Moreover, other resources like paint, iron, steel, carbon wires, fuel, etc. cost thousands of pounds and can be taken easily from poorly secured sites. In this kind of situation, security guards with guard dogs can be the best combo to identify and eliminate such kinds of threats.

Stealers, vandals, and burglars don’t even try to enter the premises protected by the security dogs due to the threat of being harmed by them which is why it is important to have the K9 security dogs at the construction sites for complete safety and security.

Benefits of Using Guard Dogs at Building Sites

There are plenty of reasons from cost-effectivity and enhanced protection to reputation and peace of mind, here are some of the major and important benefits of guard dogs at building sites:

Enhanced Protection

Security guards with flashlights and radios patrol a fenced building site, enhanced by security dogs for added protection.

There is no argument that security dogs act as best friends with security guards and help them to enhance the establishment’s protection by all means. In the last 10 years, the trend of using well-trained security dogs (K9 Dogs) in the construction industry has increased by a huge margin. The visible dogs act as a high deterrent against any kind of attempt to theft or criminal activity at the construction site and eliminate them in the best manner without causing any damage to property. Moreover, with keen senses, security dogs can feel different smells simultaneously, which helps protect the premises effectively.

Project’s Reputation

In the construction business, reputation is one of the biggest factors that contractors or project owners must take care of. Imagine you have left the property unprotected overnight, some people entered it and took the valuable and important tools that the workers needed the very next day to start their work according to the schedule. Now the tools are missing, and the workers can’t start their work until you arrange the tools. This situation can be a nightmare for the project owners because there can be hundreds of workers at the construction site and must be paid even if they don’t work.

This can ruin your entire project’s reputation and can also disturb the budget of the project by buying new tools and paying extra salaries to labourers. Additionally, it will be really hard to finish the project according to schedule after facing such kind of situation. By hiring professional security guards and K9 units, you can rest assured your property is being protected by the best security combo which will do everything to maintain the security of your premises.

Cost-Effective Solution

Security protection dogs are considered one of the most cost-effective solutions for construction sites. As we have mentioned before, one well-trained security dog is equivalent to 6 security guards performing their duties. For the construction sites, it is important to finish the project within the deadline. And to finish the project within the deadline, it’s important to spend the budget carefully. Now, don’t you think, hiring one professional dog handler and a K9 security dog could be enough to save a lot of money instead of hiring too many security guards for your construction site?

This helps in saving money by lowering the project’s security cost and allows you to spend it on other important things to meet the schedule and deadline. Moreover, as the security dogs act as a strong deterrent against any kind of theft or vandalism, there are very low chances of theft or vandalism which also helps in lowering the project’s cost and can be allocated to other factors to speed up the construction process.

Peace of Mind

Working daily on the project with a fresh mind is very important and it can only happen when you are in complete peace of mind. This state helps you think and engage with important factors including; budget allocation, resources, investor’s meetings, etc. If you are thinking about the security of your construction site all the time, you can never focus on the other important factors that need your attention too. That’s why it is important to hire professional security guards and K9 units to safeguard your construction site from all kinds of dangers and threats that can cause harm to your project.

It is not possible for you to ensure your presence all day at the construction site, but you can hire security units including guard dogs to protect your premises 24 hours a day without any carelessness. Hiring a well-trained security guard and a K9 dog is cost-effective and provides complete peace of mind knowing your project’s security is in the professional and expert hands. Moreover, it enhances the sense of security for the labourers and other workers at the construction site knowing that they are being watched and secured by professional security measures.

Importance of Dog Handlers

At a building site, a skilled dog handler emphasizes the importance of security dogs in ensuring safety and perimeter protection.

Sometimes, it is not enough to have a canine dog at the construction site, a professional and well-experienced dog handler is also needed. These dog handlers train the dogs and know all the moves and signs on which the dogs react. Moreover, dogs sometimes only act when the specific handler asks them to do something due to their attachment, synergy, training, and loyalty to them.

According to research, dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 to 100,000 times more accurate than humans which makes them the beast in the world of security. In short words, the duo of expert dog handler and well-trained security dog is enough to take care of all your construction site security needs in the best manner.

Why Choose Guard Mark Security

Guard Mark Security is one of the well-known and reputed companies providing dog handling and K9 security services to building sites in Yorkshire and Northwest. We have been in the industry for a decade and provided security to some of the great projects with our K9 units. All of our dog handlers are NASDU certified, hold the licences issued by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), and are aware of all the security protocols needed to provide the best security experience ensuring complete trustworthiness and peace of mind.

These licences show that our dogs are well-trained and ready to deploy at your construction site. Also, the certificate shows that the dog handler is competent and can handle the dog in the best manner. Moreover, we often provide training sessions to our dogs and handlers to ensure they are ready to be deployed all the time. No matter what the size of your project, we can take care of its security in the best manner and help you finish the project according to the schedule. If you have any questions or need more consultation related to our K9 security services, contact us now. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here 24/7 to answer all of your questions and queries proficiently.

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