Security is one of the most important and crucial factors when it comes to events. In events, where a large number of people participate or attend, this opens up many threats and security risks. You never know who can be the potential threat or risk that may cause harm to the other attendees. Most of the time, unwanted guests or troublemakers access the event and try to harm others or can even spoil the event environment due to their activities. 

This is the reason you should always have a good and professional security company by your side all the time so that they take care of such people and incidents. Arranging an event and executing it in a safe is one of the biggest goals the organisation should have and a good company helps you achieve it in the best manner.

The event security guards do not perform their duties traditionally but in a special form and also they get more professional and extensive training. They specialised in identifying the unusual behaviour and eliminating it without causing any kind of disturbance or harm to the attendees. But, when it comes to hiring a security guarding company, there a plenty of companies claiming to be the best in the UK. Today, we are going to share a complete guide with you that will help you choose the best one according to your needs and requirements. So, without wasting time, let’s dive deep and learn how you can choose the best event security guarding company for you to execute your event effectively.

Essentials While Choosing the Event Security Guarding Company

Undoubtedly, there are plenty of things that you should ask the company before hiring them as your event security partner, but here are some of the most important and crucial ones:

List Your Goals

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Before starting research on the companies, you should first know your goals. Think carefully, discuss with your team or partners, and note down all the needs you are expecting from the event security company to provide.

Prepare a complete list of your goals, needs, and requirements, and then start searching for potential companies that can help you arrange your event successfully without any issues.

Initial Research and Screening

Once you have a complete list of your goals and needs, start your research. Online platforms like search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc.) and social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn, etc.) will be the best options to start the research. Search the particular queries on these platforms and add the results to your research list.

After doing thorough research on the potential companies, visit their websites and look for their client testimonials feedback. Make sure to contact the website owner or customer support and ask them these 3 questions:

  • Did you ever provide event security services to any other company similar to our industry? If yes, can you please provide us with the testimonials or the feedback?
  • Did you ever provide security services to an event of our size?
  • Do you have any physical office or business address that we can visit to discuss the event planning more effectively?

If they provide you with a positive response to all these 3 questions, shortlist them and separate that business into another list. If not, then leave them in the first place and more toward the others. Also, while visiting their website, check out the images because if they have just listed the image of a big brand, that doesn’t mean they actually worked with them. 

You can also use Google Business Profile for research purposes. One of the biggest benefits of using Google Business Profile is you can check their testimonials and feedback without wasting a single second. Also, most of the reviews on the Google Business Profile are real, which will help you shortlist the companies more easily.

Licenced Company

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Before hiring private security for events, ensure that the company is registered and has a licence issued by the government. Also, it is of utmost importance that the company only hires security guards with SIA licences. If a company doesn’t have an active licence for providing security services or employing people without an SIA licence, do not hire them for your event security services at all. Before hiring a security company for your concert security services, you can ask them to show their SIA licences and then check them on the SIA register later.

SIA stands for Security Industry Authority, and it was created in 2003. Every person must pass the test and have an SIA licence to work as a security guard in the UK. If the company’s security guards hold the SIA licence, shortlist them. Otherwise, do not hire them to get the event security services.


Before hiring a security company for your event, make sure to check that the service provider holds public liability insurance. Moreover, check out that they hold the insurance for the specific services they are offering or providing. If they have sufficient insurance, they might be a good partner for you to provide event security services.

Digital Security Procedures

A event security guard communicates through a radio while overseeing a crowded event, ensuring safety and order.

This is the era of technology and we are living in the times of digitalisation. Ensure to ask the security company about the usage of digital products such as alarms, CCTV cameras, CCTV tower installation, etc. These are all the tools and devices that help organisers take the security level to the next level. 

Emergency Training and Crowd Control

When it comes to event security companies, crowd control is one of the basic and core traits to be in the security guards. Big events with huge number of attendees require security guards who know how to manage the crowd efficiently without harming anyone. Moreover, in events, sometimes emergency situations arise. Security guards should have proper first and fire training to take care of such incidents smoothly, calmly, and professionally.

So, these are some of the essentials you should always check before hiring a security company for your event. If any of them is missing, do not hire the company for security purposes.

Best Event Security Services Provider in the UK

If you are looking for a professional, well-known, and reputed event security company to help you arrange your event in the best manner, you are at the right place. Guard Mark Security has been providing event security services for more than a decade and has helped thousands of businesses and organisations arrange the best events.

All of our security guards are SIA licensed and have been vetted by BS7858 standards. Moreover, we conduct daily drills and training sessions to ensure all of our security guards are up to date and ready to provide the services at any time. We give proper emergency training including first aid and fire to ensure they take care of such incidents effectively.

If you want more information related to our services, contact us. Our knowledgeable and friendly team is here 24/7 and will be more than happy to assist you.