Most of the time, people think it is easy to be a retail security guard. What we just need to do is take care of products and items so that unwanted customers don’t try to steal. But that isn’t the case. There are many other complexities and challenges attached to the job of a retail security guard and people sometimes ignore them which cause them to lead towards the failure or end up being robbed or defrauded.

A retail security guard has to be fragile, vigilant, and active all the time to ensure everything is safe and sound. A visible security guard acts as a strong deterrent against theft and vandalism. Thieves, stealers, burglars, and vandals don’t enter the premises with the proper security measures but still, the security guards have to be active all the time to make sure no unwanted guests or troublemakers enter the property.

If you are also a retail security guard and looking to make a career in it, this is the guide you should read carefully. We are going to tell you how you can be a good retail security guard and which practises you should adopt to excel in this field. Let’s dive and check it out.

Roles of a Retail Security Guard

There are plenty of roles and duties of retail security companies and guards. Here are some of the important ones:

  •         Staying active and vigilant all the time
  •         Keeping a close eye on everything
  •         Staying honest all the time
  •         Ensure to maintain physical fitness
  •         Effective Communication
  •         Good decision-making
  •         Staying up-to-date all the times
  •         Professional training

These are some of the important and major duties one should possess to be a good retail security guard. Let’s discuss all of them in detail one by one.

Staying Active and Vigilant

Retail security guard assisting a young boy named Callum in a retail clothing section with a sale sign overhead.

Security guards act as the first line of defence against any kind of threat and if you are a retail security guard, it’s your core duty to stay active and vigilant all the time to ensure everything within the premises is safe, sound, and protected.

Being a security guard means taking responsibility for the entire premises.

Keeping a Close Eye

Security guards have to be alert and they keep a close eye on everything. It is important to deal with all the customers politely and calmly but on the other hand, it is also of utmost importance to keep a close eye on everyone present within the store.

Also, sometimes, the employees start stealing valuable items and assets which leads the businesses toward huge losses. So, if you are a retail security guard, make sure to keep an eye on the suspicious employees and note down all of their activities. In-house theft is common these days but professional retail security companies can help you overcome it with their professional and expert training.

Staying Honest

Security guard in uniform talking to a person inside a shopping mall, ensuring safety and assistance.

If you are working as a retail security guard, honesty should be your ultimate goal. Staying honest makes things very easy and also it is one of your core responsibilities to stay honest and alert your employer about every possible threat.

As a retail security guard, it is your responsibility to take care of everything in the best manner and do the duty as per security requirements.

If you are not fulfilling your responsibilities properly, it means you are being dishonest to both your work and the employer.

Physical Fitness

Every human being should be physically fit and know self-defence but when it comes to security guards, it is much more important for them to learn new fighting techniques and take care of their physical fitness to ensure they can handle any kind of difficult or challenging situation in the best manner.

When talking about security guards, the first thing that comes to our mind is a physically fit person with huge biceps and chest muscles. If you are a retail security guard, the things you should work on are increasing stamina, learning new fighting and self-defence techniques, and doing exercises on a daily basis. These are the things that can help you maintain your physical fitness and thus you will perform your duty even better.

Effective Communication

Female security guard in black uniform with "SECURITY" on back, using walkie-talkie in a spacious indoor area.

Effective communication should be one of your major traits while working as a retail security guard. You should not only communicate with store owners or employees but should also know how to talk to the customers effectively.

Good retail security companies train their security guards for the sake of providing directions to the customers and assisting them to enhance their shopping experience.

Moreover, it is important for you to stay confident at all times because it helps improve your overall personality and enhance your decision-making process.

Good Decision-Making

Good decision-making factor is one of the best traits that come with the experience and security guards should excel in it. These kinds of traits come in to help in the emergency situations. In emergencies, security guards have to decide on the spot without wasting a single second without panicking. So, if you possess traits like food decision-making, it will increase your efficiency by a greater level and also help you perform your duty more effectively.

Staying Up-To-Date All the Times

Male Retail security guard in a blue uniform with "SECURITY" on back, monitoring a crowd outside a jewelry store.

Staying up to date with all the new tools and technologies is crucial for security guards to perform their duties in the best manner.

We are living in the ever-evolving era of digitalisation in which every day comes to introduce us to new tools and technologies. Also, these technologies are being made to perform our tasks even better.

Security guards should know how to use these tools and technologies to safeguard the store and property effectively.

Professional Training

If you are a retail security guard, you should enrol yourself in a professional and well-reputed security company for the sake of getting training from the experts. These security companies help you learn good techniques and skills a security guard should excel in.

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