Leeds is one of the most crowded and crucial cities in England with a population of over 812,000 in 2021 according to the Office for National Statistics. Leeds is becoming the technological hub of England and big businesses are moving there.

Also, Leeds is one of the fastest-growing cities and has gained massive success when discussing technology and digitalisation. Leeds is becoming one of the cities that suit businesses most but there is an issue for the businesses and the persons living in Leeds: Leeds’s crime rate.

Leeds’s crime rate is increasing gradually and the living standard is compromising. The local authorities and police are trying hard to control such incidents but due to the inflation, the number of criminal and illegal activities is increasing in the city.

All the sources and information we’ll discuss in the blog are available in the open sources available on the UK police website. We have gathered all the information from there and anyone who is reading our blog can verify this information from the UK’s police official website.

But before diving into the top 12 most dangerous areas of Leeds, let’s discuss the overall crime rate of Leeds.

Leeds Overall Crime Rate

In 2022, the overall crime rate in Leeds was 172.4 per 1000 population. But with time, the crime rate is increasing. There were 88,120 illegal and criminal incidents that happened in Leeds. In the whole of West Yorkshire, Leeds has a criminal rate of 27% which is higher than all other cities.

Activities like criminal damage, anti-social behaviour, and violent crimes are the main issues in Leeds and are increasing with the passage of time. Again the local authorities and police are trying hard to implement new laws and forcing people to obey. Let’s dive deep and check out the 12 most dangerous areas in Leeds one by one.

1- Hunslet and Riverside

Aerial view of Hunslet, showcasing buildings and streets in one of the most dangerous areas in Leeds.Hunslet, riverside, and the city centre are one of the main parts of Leeds and are known for their nightlife and the art collage. Unfortunately, the city centre has the highest crime rate in the whole of Leeds and has become one of the worst parts of the city to live in.

The crime rate of the city centre is 615.6 per 1000 population which is the highest in the entire county. Criminal activities like anti-social behaviour, violent crimes, theft, and shoplifting are the core activities. In fact, 31% of violent crimes just happen in the city centre which makes it the worst.

2- Burmantofts and Richmond Hill

Burmantofts and Richmond Hill are the two areas merged with each other and have strong roots. These two areas are also known as the industrial parts of Leeds and are second home to entrepreneurs. But, these areas also have the title of being 2nd worst places when it comes to criminal activities.

The crime rate of the Burmantofts & Richmond Hill is 242.8 per 1000 population. Similar to the Leeds city centre, these areas have high violent crimes, theft, shoplifting, and other activities like vandalism and burglary.

3- Gipton and Harehills


Gipton and HaA police officer stands behind police tape in a residential alley with evidence markers on the ground.rehills both are the inner towns of Leeds and are highly populated with over 30,879 people living there. Due to the large number of people living in these areas, the crime rate is increasing due to inflation.

On average, more than one criminal incident happens in these areas every day. The crime rate of Gipton and Harehills is 241.4 per 1000 population.

Moreover, violent crimes have increased to 42% of all crimes which is the highest in the entire county. The most common crimes in these areas are theft, vandalism, drugs, and shoplifting.

4- Armley

Armely has always been a major part of Leeds and has played an important role in the country’s economy. Unfortunately due to the dense population, the criminal and illegal activities are increasing day by day and now the crime rate of Armely is 229.5 per 1000 population. The more issues in this area are violent crimes and criminal damage. Shoplifting has also been a major problem in this area.

5- Killingbeck and Seacroft

Aerial view of a busy parking lot adjacent to commercial buildings and residential neighborhoods, highlighting dangerous areas in Leeds.Killingbeck and Seacroft are the areas and homes of most people from Leeds council housing. These are some of the areas that got minimal funding from the government in the past few years which has led the people toward criminal activities.

The crime rate in these areas is 197.1 per 1000 population and most of the activities in these areas are violent crimes, public order offences, criminal damage, and burglary.

6- Farnley and Wortley

These two neighbouring areas are also called home businesses due to the people operating and doing businesses from homes. But due to the recent inflation, the rents are rising which sadly caused an increase in criminal and illegal activities. The crime rate of Farnley and Wortley has increased in recent years and now the crime rate is 189 per 1000 population.

7- Beeston and Holbeck

A street lined with parked cars and red brick houses under a blue sky in Leeds, dangerous areas.


Beeston and Holbeck have a crime rate of 183.4 per 100 populations. These two areas are highly popular due to the large number of football clubs there.

Also, there are a number of industries operating and contributing to the country’s economy from these areas. The major crimes in these areas are violent crimes, criminal damages, drug crimes, and theft.

8- Headingley

Headingly is the greenest part and area of Leeds and thanks to its high retail opportunities there. People of Headingley are mostly happy but are disturbed and agitated due to the increasing number of crimes there. The crime rate of Headingley is 182.1 per 1000 population.

9- Middleton Park

Middleton Park is located in the middle of Leeds council ward and has a crime rate of 180.7 per 1000 population. Middleton Park is known for its beauty and rolling hills. The most common crimes in this area are violent crimes, public order offences, and criminal damages.

10- Temple Newsam

Temple Newsam is known for its old buildings and heritage. This particular area is growing rapidly and becoming a living hub. But the crime rate in the area is increasing due to the outsiders moving there. The crime rate of Temple Newsam is 171.8 per 1000 population.

11- Bramley and Stanningley

Bramley & Stanningley are the areas contributing to the country’s economy and have many big industries operating there. These industries offer working opportunities but sadly, the crime rate in these two areas is increasing, and currently, according to the stats, the crime rate is 153.8 per 1000 population.

12- Cross Gates & Whinmoor

Police officers standing near a cordoned-off area in Whinmoor, indicating a potential crime scene investigation.The two areas that have improved a lot in recent years are Cross Gates & Whinmoor. The current crime rate in these two areas is 147.2 per 1000 population which is the least in the entire history.

The situation in these areas was worse but the local authorities and police have worked hard with the locals to implement new laws and strategies to overcome the criminal and illegal activities. The most common crimes in these areas are violent crimes, public order offences, criminal damages, and shoplifting.

So the above-mentioned are the 12 most dangerous areas of Leeds when talking about the crime rate. Local authorities, police, and the locals are trying hard to decrease the crime rates in these areas to make living standards better.

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