There are hundreds and thousands of retail stores in Manchester and due to such a great number, the activities like theft and vandalism are increasing day by day. Retail stores contribute a lot to the country’s economy and need to be secure because thousands of customers visit them on a daily basis. According to the British Retail Consortium, the cases of violence and abuse at retail stores in the UK have crossed the 1,300 cases in 2024. This was the average number of such cases during the pandemic. But now, due to inflation, people are not getting jobs which lead them to rob customers, shops, and retail stores.

If you are a retail store owner in the UK, especially in Manchester, this blog is for you. Once you have read this blog entirely, you will be able to secure your retail store in the perfect manner. The increasing cases in Manchester’s retail stores are creating an emergency situation and it is very important to control all these factors to ensure the safety and security of the customers, employees, and the stores. On the initial basis, it is important to have a well-trained and talented staff, and door supervisors to ensure the security of access points, alarm systems, and active CCTV surveillance. Let’s check all these factors in detail to enhance the safety and security of your retail stores.

Manchester – The North Capital

Manchester is also known as the Capital of the North. In the last few decades, the people of Manchester have transformed the city to a completely new level. From heavy industries to culture, vibrant nightlife, and shopping centres, Manchester is becoming one of the most important economic cities in the UK. From a large number of street retail stores to enterprises and boutiques, Manchester is now becoming a shopping paradise for those who love to do shopping.

But of the other hand, the cases of shoplifting, theft, and vandalism are increasing gradually impacting the shopping experience and retail stores. Today, at Guard Mark Security, we will help you. Read this blog to the end and you will get to know a lot of new things. So without wasting any time, let’s start the blog to learn new things about retail store security in Manchester.

Understanding the Retail Crimes and Statistics

If you are running a retail store in Manchester, the number one thing you need to understand is retail crimes and the statistics. Check out the recent crime stats by getting access to the UK police website. You can request the UK’s police to provide you with the recent crime data according to the UK’s law.

Once you get the crime data and the stats of the retail stores, compare the recent year’s data with the previous one to see the hike or decline in the crime rates. If the crime rate is decreasing, it means the city is becoming safer. On the other hand, if the crime rate is rising, you need to improve your store’s security to prevent theft and vandalism. Moreover, this kind of data will help you analyse which types of crimes are occurring most of the time so you can enhance the security measures to eliminate the threat.

Common Security Challenges

There are plenty of issues retail stores in Manchester are facing these days. One of the most common security challenges is theft. Thieves and robbers are robbing both customers and the stores for the sake of getting more and more money. There are many other challenges including shoplifting, burglary, vandalism, internal theft, etc. that retail stores are facing these days all over the UK.

To tackle such situations, you can hire professional security guards who can train your staff as well so that they are able to identify the different potential threats and unusual/ toxic behaviour. Moreover, you can use CCTV monitoring services to enhance the surveillance system. Installing CCTV cameras is one of the best methods to control and discourage internal theft. Retailers should always be alert and vigilant to secure their premises, staff, assets, and customers.

Role of Local Authorities

Local Authorities and Manchester’s Police collaborate closely with the retail store owners and help them enhance the safety and security of your business. They provide the needed support and resources to the businesses so that they can work on their security in the best manner.

Moreover, the local authorities help retail stores partner up with the best security agencies and train the staff to prevent activities like theft and vandalism. Additionally, these local authorities plant their personnel on the street to identify the people showing unusual or toxic behaviour and eliminate them before they do anything that can harm someone or damage someone’s property.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is one of the main things you need to do with the help of a detailed risk assessment. First of all, analyse all the cases that happened in the retail stores and check which are the most common among all these cases. Once you analyse this, prepare your staff with some proven drills and prepare them to handle such situations with a calm and professional mind. This kind of strategic planning will help you alter the emergency situations and the chances of you getting robbed will decrease by a huge margin.

So these are some of the major things that you need to know for the sake of enhancing your retail store’s security in Manchester. You might be thinking about how these factors can help you, but believe me, once you start doing these things, there will be a great impact on your sales because customers will be safe and secure while shopping on your premises.

Ideal Security Guarding Company in Manchester

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