According to recent research, 62% of the violent crimes that happen in the UK at the weekends are alcohol-related out of 100. Moreover, 61% of the crimes out of 100 occur during the nighttime when people leave the clubs or bars after drinking a lot of alcohol.  Undoubtedly, bars and clubs only allow adult people to enter and drink, but sometimes, they drink too much and lose control over themselves.

Also, there are several cases reported where teenagers tried to enter the bars forcefully or by applying cheap tactics. These are all situations that require security guards and bouncers to be present at the bar or club to prevent such activities. Moreover, according to England’s law, it is mandatory for all bars and nightclub owners to hire and place door supervisors at the access points to ensure only the allowed people enter the property after being properly checked.

Security guards and door supervisors check the credentials of the people entering the bar and only let them pass if they meet the criteria. These door supervisors also called bouncers are one of the most important factors of any bar, pub, or club. If you are running any kind of place that serves alcohol, it is mandatory for you to hire them for the sake of solving the problems and avoiding governmental penalties. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire door supervisors for your bars and nightclubs.

Reasons to Hire Door Supervisors

Businesses such as bars, nightclubs, and pubs hire security guards (door supervisors/bouncers) to ensure every person who enters the premises is of safe and calm mind with the intent of just enjoying some moments instead of harming someone. Here is a list of reasons why your business needs a door supervisor present at the working hours:

  •  Deter Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Restricting Unsafe Items
  • Avoiding Legal Issues
  • Maintaining the Business Standard
  • Customer’s Peace of Mind
  • Handling Emergency Situations Professionally

The above-mentioned are the reasons why you should hire a door supervisor or any security agency that provides security guards. Also, if you already are a door supervisor, this blog can help you get to know all your responsibilities in the best manner. Let’s discuss the details of the above-mentioned reasons one by one.

Deter Anti-Social Behaviour

Door supervisor at bar entrance, ensuring security, checking IDs, deterring anti-social behavior, maintaining a safe environment.

Bars and nightclubs are the places where alcohol is being served and sometimes customers start showing anti-social behaviour after drinking too much. Fighting with other customers, shouting, and making trouble for other customers include anti-social behaviour.

Serving alcohol is always been a risk but the presence of professional security guards and bouncers reduces it due to their extensive training and experience of dealing with such situations.

People are most likely not to engage themselves in activities such as showing anti-social behaviour while knowing that bouncers are present on site and can kick you out of the premises anytime if you don’t stop acting like it. So, this is the first and main reason to hire door supervisors for your alcohol-serving business.

Restricting Unsafe Items

Door supervisor at bar entrance, checking a guest's bag for unsafe items to ensure a safe environment.

Most of the time, criminals try to bring knives within the venue which is a leading cause of crimes and illegal activities in the UK. Knives are one of the illegal objects that are easy to carry and hide. Your bar or nightclub should have door supervisors present at all times to properly search the bags and pockets.

People these days know that door supervisors often check the bags and they feel safe while knowing that every person entering the premises is being checked and doesn’t carry any harmful or unsafe items.

Door supervisors also stop people with other harmful substances like drugs with them while entering the bar or nightclub for the sake of the safety and security of other customers and employees working within the premises.

Avoiding Legal Issues

Door supervisor checking IDs at a bar entrance, ensuring compliance with legal age restrictions to avoid penalties.

It is mandatory to have door supervisors and bouncers present on the site according to the UK’s law. This law is enforced in the UK to prevent teenagers enter places serving alcohol. According to UK law, it is prohibited for teenagers under the age of 18 to enter bars and nightclubs.

Alcohol serving businesses who allow the people under 18 to access the property can be fined of thousands of pounds and it can also be cause of their licence cancellation.

Thus, having door supervisors to check the identity at all access points is crucial to save your business from legal penalties and fines.

Maintaining the Business Standard

Having security guards and door supervisors shows a standard of your business and its high-quality services. These bouncers track the VIP list of your guests and don’t allow other people to enter. This maintains a perfect standard of your business and the guests feel comfortable knowing that their safety and security are in professional hands.

Customer’s Peace of Mind

Bars and nightclubs are the places where people come to enjoy some moments with loved ones. Also, some people come to bars on the weekends after going through a stressful week to relax. So, it is important for your business to provide them a comfortable and safe environment where they can enjoy themselves peacefully. Hiring the bouncers acts as a visible security and a strong deterrent for troublemakers and unwanted guests. This gives peace of mind to the customers in the best manner.

Handling Emergency Situations Professionally

Emergencies can occur or emerge anytime and there should be someone professional to handle them calmly. Businesses like bars, pubs, and nightclubs often face emergency situations. Drinking all night at huge song volume can turn the tables and cause critical situations anytime. Also, people engage in fights and can cause injuries after drinking too much.

So, it is important to have professional door supervisors and bouncers present to eliminate such situations. Professional security agencies like Guard Mark Security also provide first aid training to their door supervisors and security guards to ensure they can handle emergency situations effectively.


It is always of utmost importance to hire door supervisors for the alcohol serving businesses. Door supervisors and bouncers help your businesses maintain a good standard, eliminate potential threats, handle emergency situations, restrict unsafe items, and solve legal issues.

At Guard Mark Security, we have highly trained and expert door supervisors with a wealth of knowledge. All of our door supervisors are SIA licenced and are vetted by BS7858 standards ensuring a complete peace of mind and trustworthiness.

If you are looking for a highly reputed security agency in the UK, you’re at the right place. Pick up your phone and contact us to get the best door supervisors to ensure your business’s safety and security all the time.