What are mobile patrols?

Mobile patrols are a security solution that helps deter and detect criminal activity. These services are ideal for businesses where a full-time security presence isn’t practical as it’s a more cost-effective solution.

Traditional security solutions require personnel on-site at all times. With security officers on a mobile patrol, you create a tailored service for experienced and trained security guards to visit the premises at selected times during the day and night. This could be at random times or pre-scheduled times.

Trained to control health risks

Security guards that are trained in health and safety protocols will promote the efficiency of your personnel. They will have adequate control of health risks arising from work activities while ensuring the team is competent to carry out their jobs. This is important to reduce the risk of possible injuries.

Prevent losses

Security officers don’t wait for something to happen. They’re proactive. As part of their role, they conduct preventative patrol inspections and security measures that prevent burglary, damage and any other criminal activity. They will also check on security equipment to ensure it’s in working order while also calling for any repairs and maintenance, if necessary. This ultimately prevents losses, as all measures are taken to create a robust security system.

Protect reputation

Having a breach of security is detrimental to the property and a business’ reputation. Customers and clients want to know their data is safe in a business’ hands and any security breach will harm a client’s trust.

A security officer on a mobile patrol can issue warnings to potential intruders and detain anyone who tries to break into the property. In doing this, security officers protect and preserve an organization’s reputation and stability.

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